General questions

Referral marketing is a process to encourage and significantly increase referrals from word of mouth, perhaps the oldest and most trusted marketing strategy. This can be accomplished by encouraging and rewarding customers, and a wide variety of other contacts, to recommend products and services.
A well-defined, repeatable, and easy-to-follow system to attract new clients through referrals and thank people who brought new clients for your business.
  • Incentive offered to a referrer must be adequate to their effort and to the value that you receive from their referral. Offer some pleasant experience. Free yoga class. A nice dinner for two. Or as small as cinema tickets proved to be worthy.
  • Double sided programs proved to be the best. WHen you offer an incentive to both your customer and their friends - it's much easier for your program participants to advertise you. Also try to make the reward for referrer and bonus for new client of similar value, so that they feel equal.
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The process

SlicePie is a web application, so no download required. SlicePie runs in the web browser which is pre-installed in every smartphone or laptop. Users usually open our web app by clicking on invitation links or status updates in SMS or E-mail. We also recommend our users to install a quick access button on their home screen as per this article.
If you customers don't know about your program, they can't join and share it. So make your referral program easy to find:
  • Make it visible. Place an offer to use your referral app and join your referral program where your customers can easily see and inquire about it.
  • Send them an invitation by SMS or E-mail from SlicePie app.
  • Keep your program on top of your customers' mind, by reminding them about your referral program every now and then.
On average depending on how attractive is the referral reward and the bonus for the new client, you can expect that every 1 out 5 participants of your program will refer their friends or family. How many of them will become your new client is highly depends on the nature of your business.
Unlike traditional forms of advertisement, like TV, radio, Newspaper and even Online Ads with SlicePie you decide upfront by yourself how much of your profit margin can be spend on new customer acquisition. So if you made your numbers right, the reward is already counted in in the price of your product or service.
Are you sure? According to statistics, more than 50% of satisfied clients never refer your businesses. And it's not because they are bad people. But because you never ask them. And even when they would like to refer, they have thousands of other things to do every day, they are busy with their life. is makes it easy and rewarding to refer, and this keeps your referral program on Top of their mind.
The best way is just to contact your program participants in person (you can find their contact details in the particpant profile) and explain how they can get their reward. Alternatively, send an email with pre-defined template on how they can receive their reward. For example. If it's a free yoga class, just let them know that their next class is on you. Just don't forget to deliver what you've promised.